About Us

AC Link Recruitment is an employment bureau (licence no. 59666) that hires for you the right persons at the right cost, catering for all your personnel needs. We specialize in employing for a commercial & industrial position.


  1. Selection & Interview: Our professional consultants will select and screen for the right candidates to access their expertise, mentality and working experience. We will only send those short-listed candidates with superb caliber & professional qualifications matching all criteria & requirements laid down by the clients. And we will discuss with the clients the relative merits on each of them. Our specially tailored selection process helps to minimize the time the client has to spend evaluating the candidates.
  2. Reference Check: To provide reference checking over the past working history of the candidates enabling us to evaluate their working attitudes, integrity, initiation, efficiency, strengths and weakness.
  3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is always maintained during & after the search process especially for those positions, which are not appropriate to advertise. We ensure no premature disclosure of client information without prior consent from our clients.
  4. After Placement Service: We will follow up in full of the new employees' progress with the client throughout the guarantee period & will provide necessary Human Resources consultation.